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Image by Matthew T Rader

Cosmic Christ Conciousness

Not a Religion  - We are Cosmic

The Cosmic Christ Consciousness platform was established by the founder Johanna Stone in order to awaken humanity to the transformational power of Jesus Christ that carries God’s DNA and Blueprint.  Through the Power of Jesus Christ who strengthens us we can do all things. 

When we have the Mind of Christ, which is a God state of Mind, we are in vibrational alignment with God and the Universal Forces. It is from this state of mind that we can speak worlds into existence by consciously tapping into God’s Heavenly & Spiritual Kingdom.

As God is the Alpha and the Omega, He is the creator of the Universe, the Power and Mind behind all of creation.  The God Force energy flows through all creation which is why He is the only real Source.  He is also our fortress, our rock and the strong cornerstone of all creation which is why He provides lovingly and abundantly in all our needs.  We should always look up to God and not to man as God is Infinite, abundant and all-knowing. 

Image by Joshua Earle

Beacon of Light

Success Formulation

God is a God of light therefore darkness, lack and limitation cannot reside in the same place as God.  We should therefore only focus on God as his word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.  As believers we are Beacons of Light as Jesus Christ dwells in us and shines His heavenly light through us.  Part of God’s purpose for us is to express himself through us, it is therefore our responsibility to let our light shine bright and beautiful so that others may be drawn to the light as well. 

God not just created man in his image, but he also breathed life into man which is why he called man “gods” as well as “his children”.   Therefore, each person is equipped with the power and light of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, and it is from this place that we can consciously create a life of success and well-being. 

The Universe is governed by different Laws and since God has given the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven to believers it is easy to unlock the Kingdom of God.  The Kingdom of God is from within and not from without.  God taught his children in the Bible some success formulations to live life to its fullest.  Part of our objective is to pass on these success formulations so that others can create a life of true abundance.

Image by Bart LaRue

Angelic Force

Angels and Light

It is important to know that God is mighty and powerful. He is surrounded by Angelic forces who are benevolent celestial beings who acts as intermediaries between Heaven and humanity, carrying out tasks on behalf of God. 

We are never alone as God assigned an Angel to us at birth to protect and guide us.   Sadly, most people do not know that they have access to an entourage of Ministering Angels that is there to support them.  It is therefore our objective to pass on the keys and success formulations to unlock the hidden secrets within every person that seeks true enlightenment. These Keys will allow you to access your inner knowingness of who you are and allow you to create the life that you desire.  

Most of the mankind experience a void, a sense of not belonging, searching for the missing pieces of the puzzle and chase after people, places and shining objects just to be left disappointed.   God created man as a 3-fold being; Spirit, Mind/Soul and Body.  The missing piece of the puzzle is the habitation of our Soul and Spirit that resides on this earth plane in a physical body that separates us from our Creator’s Spirit.  When we learn to build a bridge between our Spirit and God’s Spirit then we truly start to step into our God power and experience the Oneness with God.

Image by Greg Rakozy

Soul Purpose

Abundant Universe

It is our objective is to teach people to consciously activate the Christ Consciousness from within so that they can reach their full potential, fulfilling their own unique Soul purpose. Everyone should have the blissful experience of stepping into their own power, a power that will allow a life of true joy and well-being.   We always see God’s light in others and therefore would like to pass on different keys so that people can unlock their own hidden beauty and treasures that resides within.

What to expect: More then you ever thought possible!!! We live in an abundant universe, a loving universe. It is time for you to be the god who you are!  It is time for you to understand everything about the cycles of life, the seasons of life and the works of your spirit. 

You are the creator of your own world, the whole world steps aside for the man that knows where he is going.  It all starts with a vision, faith and hope, a feeling that God has materialized our vision even before seeing the evidence of it.  It is to learn to pray in a way where there is no acknowledgement of lack only inner knowingness and acknowledgement of God’s power that He has already manifested everything at the cross.  Jesus already paid the price for our salvation so therefore everything that is His is ours.  It is ours for the taking, we cannot receive something that is already ours.

There are a few simple formulations in the Bible that God taught his children to create the life that they desire. We will also teach you how to access the 7-Spirits of God (Spirit of Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Counsel, Might/Power, Spirit of God and Fear of God) to support and guide you.  Anything and everything are possible when you are one with God. Each Faculty of our Cosmic Christ Consciousness has the believe, experience and understanding to help everyone in a unique way. We are here to create love and light that will lead to the enlightenment of the Spirit and Soul of our clients.

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