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We do not predict but merely  read your vibration and your field.


We help you to see how things are happening for a reason or why things have manifested.


We sense the emotions and help you to move on in times of need. We are there to support you.


We teach you about the angels and how you can cut cords and use them daily.

Let your Angels Guide you, let us teach you how to use them, pray and ask for protection. 

Learn how to communicate with your Angels

Guardian Angels

We all have a guardian angel and we all have 10 000 angels each day there to guide and protect us. We just need to ask and then we need to have faith and trust. Our angels where given to us to never feel alone but to always feel loved, protected and accepted.

How does this effect us?

Our angels communicate through signs, people, symbols or communication. It all depends on our relationships with our angels and how much faith we have. 


What does this mean?

We can evoke angels all day long, they listen and they follow order. You can pray for a friend or pray for illness, worry, fear and difficulty and once you given it to your angels, all you need to do is trust that it is taken care off.















How in the world do we reprogram: Don't Believe?

Decades of formed negative beliefs, Years of feeling resistance, Countless reference experiences affirming what we don't want, And a self-image that has been wired in since childhood has stopped us from believing. This is where we step in and help you to believe again.

What to expect?

You will receive guidance, teachings and we will listen to understand what has manifested in your life that created a blockage, that stopped you believing and stopped you in your faith. We also teach you how to pray and how to cut the cords through Arch Angel Michael. Spiritual cords connects to us over the years and through our blood line, we help you to release all bondage, curses, contracts, cords that has been used to stop you from sharing your light. We help you to release all the negative energy to just be "YOU"

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60 min Angel Card Reading with meditation    £78.00

30 Minute Angel Card Reading £45.00

Distant Healing Sessions

Distant Healing Energy sessions are an amazing way to clear the energy on a spiritual level, but also an amazing way to remove energy without depleting our own.

Johanna helps each individual in a very unique way, by first asking your soul and spirit permission, she infuses with the energy field of an individual to see what is their blockages, what energy has attached itself to you and what patterns of self is causing feelings of uncomfortable, unease, pain, fear, worry or a sense of not feeling oneself.

Distant Healing allows Johanna to heal old patterns, past trauma's and underlying feelings and emotions. She also teaches and guides you how to keep the energy.

Each Session last 60-90 minutes - more time given if needed. 

You will feel, calm, relaxed, rejuvenated and safe. A new sense of self and energy are experienced. Johanna works with the angelic forces on a spiritual level.

Book your session!

To pay your session:     

£ 89.00 for a 60 min session


To pay your session:     

£ 129.00 for a 90 min session


Angel card readings are a powerful tool for those seeking guidance in their life.

"Angel Cards can give you insight into your relationships, career and finance while giving you peace of mind and confidence in your decisions you make"

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