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Health is Wealth


  • Meditation

  • trauma healing

  • angel card readings

  • feng Shui

  • health

  • support and prayer

Charmaine’s is a well-known Chinese Herbalist & Acupuncturist.

She studied for her Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Bachelors & Masters degree at the Middlesex University, London. She was born with a gift of seeing beyond this world  and uses her psychic abilities to assist, heal and help people. She only connect to higher vibration energies and helps you to lift your vibration to attract love, success, healing & money.

After 14 years of studying & working under Chinese Masters at the prestigious Asante & NHS Hospital Maternity & Pain Clinics that focused on Infertility, impotency, pain management, nutrition, weight-loss, weight-gain, immune & qi deficiency she opened up her own business. Based on her experience working in NHS Hospital Maternity Clinics where statistics showed that only 1 out of 8 couples in the UK could conceive she started to specialize in fertility. Fertility treatments are focused on pre-conceptual treatments that restores the organs and the life force (QI) energy in the body. Restoration of the Qi fuels and drives the energy or force for optimal results in immune deficiency.

Charmaine believes in a more holistic approach that integrates the spirit, the soul/mind and body constellation. As a Healer she support her clients to master themselves through self- development technique like meditation & wealth management. Her experience in wealth management comes from trading the forex markets successfully. Part of her services includes: Pain Management, Weight loss, Chinese Face Reading, and Feng-Shui. She has recently Launched her Transformational Trauma Healing Online Program.

She offer’s online one-to-one sessions which allows her to reach out to people any where in the world.

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