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Focused, Concentrated time on the self. The I am!


Teaching you how to meditate, step by step approach.


We give you the best possible guidance  and knowledge! 


Teaching you how to use the Heart - Create through heart!

Learn how to Meditate 

Building a True Relationship with oneself

7 Week Meditation Course

The Ultimate Meditation Course for Attracting What You Want In The Fastest Amount of Time through Meditation!

What if we told you that mediation was one of the biggest secrets of Wealth, Prosperity, Joy and Happiness?

By applying a simple Law of calmness and oneness you could attract what you want FASTER than ever before?

Why?  Because you become in alignment with yourself and the frequency and vibration of manifestations. 

How does this effect us?

Meditation is concentrated time - Focused time


What does this mean?

When you meditate you instantly connect with your higher self, your move into a higher vibration, which allows you

to attract everything you want and need. It creates a connection between the spirit world and the 3D world.

How in the world do we reprogram:

Decades of formed negative beliefs, Years of feeling resistance, Countless reference experiences affirming what

we don't want, And a self-image that has been wired in since childhood? All these are patterns, habits and believes.

With meditation we can release and create new pathways. Hence why it such an amazing tool for healing.

With meditation you learn?

You are worthy, you are an amazing human being and there are no limits, no box, no blockages. There is only flow.

It is one of the best tools you will ever learn.

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Meditation course!

We have taught 1000's of clients how to meditate, we have have studied for years to create a easy to follow, step -by-step course with magical results. 

Couple Meditating on the Beach

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Only £89.00 per session


One -on- one sessions which means our sessions are booked in weekly.

We will cover all the Chakras each weak 

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