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Support Team /Armour Bearers

By Johanna  

Our Team of expert advisors have the believe that we are merely switching on the lights within that has been switched off by friend, family, co-workers, experiences and non believe within the self. We assist you step by step - how to implement proven and tested techniques to assist every individual no matter where they are in life.


We believe in giving a loving, non-judge-mental heart that will listen, a support structure of love, guidance and assistance. We believe we are building a family. In numbers we are strong, become part of the family, learn to trust again, learn to believe in yourself. We teach you how to be strong, how to be you and best of all, how love can heal all pain and disappointment. As it is said: It is not what happens to us – it is what are we doing about it?


Image by 小胖 车

Qualified/ CCC Teachings

By Johanna 

All members are qualified in their fields, they have worked with hundreds of clients and they know how to assist each person right in front of them. We create a safe and loving environment, Long lasting love and support.


We are all connected and the world we know as the external world is merely a layer which withholds the truth. We believe in assisting and guiding each person to a higher vibration of life and consciousness. We teach about the spiritual aspect of all existence.


We give guidance on how to use Christ Consciousness to create awareness but also how to use it in everyday life. We have come to this earth for a purpose, merely along the road we get lost or unfocused, yet we are divinely guided to seek the truth, to be the truth and to stay in our own truth.

Christ Consciousness can be taken one step further. We are God and God is within the kingdom within us. It is not about religion but believe – it is about faith – faith within us. We are magnificent beings of light and encircled with an entourage of angels. We have all the keys within – we just need to learn how to access them, use them and breathe life into them.


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