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21/12 Portal Activation - I trust myself - Let your heart lead you!

Updated: Feb 1

21/12 Portal Activation

On the 12/12 full moon we experienced the completion of cycles, there was some closure, release and change in our energy field. This frequency was all about change and letting go.

Have you felt that nothing your are doing is working? Even when you work or try so hard to change? That when you meditate you are not connecting, your dream or goals look out of reach? Do you feel tired and exhausted, your body tense?

We are on a path of ascension, everything changes but we also need to be open and ready for change. We block and find it difficult to release - this causes a physical effect on the body - hence why we struggle with excessive headaches, bodily pain and extreme exhaustion as the whole nervous system are affected. When we resist a change new energy to come in we become stagnant.

This portal is about letting go, trusting the universe but most importantly trusting yourself and the unknown.

It is about focusing of the life you want and actively changing it. When we have these vibrations and frequencies coming in, this helps us to accelerate the process. We need to use them. Are you using them?

When we try to change things our way the same way we have used it for the last 5 -10 or 20 years - change cannot come in as we control the outcome instead of trusting. We need to expand our mind outside of the paradigm we know.

We need to trust ourselves and not our habits, value systems or our programming! Our habits and programming leads to a programmed cycle. Most of the time you can actually observe where you are in a cycle as you have written it yourself. As is is automatic - you always end up at the same familiar place, frequency and vibration.

Do you know about the Yin and Yang Cycle? A 3500 year old cycle used by emperors and used today to beautifully explain how cycles work. Let me explain:

We have an Action Yang Vibration which is our creative, masculine energy to create, to give us power and strength to change and create. This then overflows into our calming yin vibration which is our resting female energy phase to rest and rejuvenate. In this yin phase most of our new ideas, our intuition, dreams and thoughts are heightened and born in this phase. This becomes activated when we move back into the yang cycle.

We need to be in vibrational alignment with what we want to create.


First thing you need is a thought, then you have to bring in the emotion. Once they become one they create a feeling....that feeling creates a vibration which creates a ripple effect. What is the secret? Once you have send out that vibration you have to let it go and trust...

Give it to God, the universe and trust...if it does come up in your thought pattern, imagine your are placing it in a cocoon of love as it carries the highest vibration. Just trust, now when that ripple effect returns it will bring things to you automatically, but it will also require action!

The big misconception of manifestation is that I do nothing and the universe will all magically sort it out. That if if it did not work out it was not meant to be. We all have to put in action for a reaction to follow. Action helps us to change our paradigm and not continue with the same pattern or paradigm.

We are responsible for our own life, not your mom, dad family, children or friends. Just you! Ask yourself what am I actively changing in my life to change my future to change my destiny so that I change future generations.

It all starts with you. Trust yourself and use this beautiful space to reclaim who you are, expand and renew into the beautiful being of light that you are and take this into 2020. Do not allow fear to pull you back in because it will. Fear creates doubt which is an illusion. You are worthy of being who you are meant to be, let no excuse interfere with your desired path.

Enjoy this beautiful winter solace. Enjoy your new sense of self. Create a better and new version of you.

Much love and many blessings to you.

Charmaine Kotzee

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