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Feng Shui Your Way to attract Love and Abundance

Feng Shui Your Way to Love and Career Success

Make your Home Space Magical and Abundant. Attract love, wealth, and success.

Fengshui your home to bring in love and success in every part of your life. The Chinese based philosophy and teaching educates you to create an energetic environment to ensure flow and abundance. Your home is a representation of you, if your home is messy and unorganized so will your life be. Clutter creates blockages and based on Feng-Shui you could be blocking your success, wealth, love, and happiness. The flow of energy in your home affects every part of you, this can affect your emotions, thoughts, feelings, and wealth. Learn how to Feng Shui your home to attract love and success in your career. Always ask this question: “What is my first impression from my home?”. “Does it exuberate elegance, wealth, success and love?”. When we answer this question, we can see if the answer is in alignment with the qualities you wish to live in. The energy and vibration you live in will flow out into all parts of your life.

What is Feng-Shui?

The word Feng means “Wind” and the word Shui means “Water” indicating flow. The purpose is to create harmony in our environment. When we Feng-shui a home we tend to observe the flow of Chi (cosmic breath) in a home to ensure there is no blockages or negative Chi called Sha Chi. The foundation of Feng Shui ensures stability and harmony and strengthening any weakness in your home. When we wish to attract love, we create balance to ensure we attract what we create. Yin and Yang also are used to balance the male and female aspect of a home or space. Balance is key and forever flowing. “Your home is your hub. Your home should be a representation of love, happiness, wealth, and success.”

Yin and Yang in a home

To create balance, yin and yang needs to be balanced. To create a space of harmony and peace, more yin needs to be created. This can be created by adding water, softer tones of colors of décor, soothing music and a space that is clean and decluttered. It a space is too yang, you might feel over energized, easy to anger. The energy will feel blocked, cluttered, and stagnant. Décor of color can also affect your mental mind, your thoughts and feelings that overstimulates the energy.

Feng-Shui your home and bedroom to attract love.

Have you ever read an article saying you need to balance your bedroom with 2 of each object? Symmetry indicates equality. Bringing in candles, love sculptures, candles or paintings bring in a sense of love and closeness. The middle of the house is also seen as the heart of the house. When you place objects in this areas, you allow yourself to attract love and commitment. Balance is key. Clear all obstruction and allow the energy to flow, add pinks and red to enhance the mood and emotions. Never add to much red as this will create fire and tension.

The south-west corner of a bedroom is also known as the relationship corner. So, try not to add a laundry basket or clutter in this area. A headboard for your bed indicates security in relationships and self. Allow a bed to be easily acceptable by both parties so that no one feels stuck or cornered off in a room. Too many pillows or stuffed toys indicates you have no space for love or anyone else.

A bedroom area is a designated area for relaxation and rest, so please do not add electronic equipment, exercise equipment or shelfs for books. This creates an overflow of energy and overstimulation. A bedroom is a space of sanctuary but also represents relationships. When you walk into your bedroom ensure that nothing is obstructing your flow or walkway. Beams or lighting running through the bed area can cut the chi and leave you feeling tired or drained. This can be moved or painted white to create an illusion of clear roof.

In a bed room, make a space for you partner, even if you do not have partner and wish to attract someone, make a space for them in you cupboard. Add picture or paintings of lovers, never add an image of one person or someone from the back. As this indicates that you will only see the back of the person and not attract love. Symbolism in Feng-Shui runs deep so do ensure that there is balance within your room. Ensure that cupboards are cleared and organized. No mirrors should be facing the bed you are sleeping on. Please cover them at night.

Intention setting is very important in Feng-Shui, if you wish to attract love, set out the intention and see how you attract what you want.

Feng-shui your home for wealth and success.

Prosperity power spots are found within every room within a home. To bring in the energy of success ensure every room has an image or object that indicates wealth. If a room indicates lack such as a kitchen, ensure the containers are filled, the fridge is full, the fruit basket is full. A full fridge, cupboards full of food indicates abundance. Adding ornaments with gold or diamonds décor brings in a sense of wellness and abundance. We need to understand poverty consciousness in a home are reflected in the objects and lack found in a room. You do not need to overspend on décor but can rather buy décor that looks expensive.

Prosperity is often seen and felt, very quickly, however do not feel that a house needs to be filled from corner to corner. Less is more, however it is important what you add to bring in a sense of abundance and success. There is a misconception when it comes to Feng-Shui, clear space with more attractive pieces brings in a different vibe and energy then a room filled with tasteless, full and overfilled décor. In an office, gold and red décor is often used, to bring in success. Painting or sculptors such as Koi fishes indicates flow of money and success. It indicates that there is a forever flow of money and qi. This needs to be placed also in your money and fame corner of you home. Chinese coins or a money frog will invite money into your home.

It is important to understand that flow of qi is very important. We have good chi and we have bad chi. Good qi brings things to us and creates flow. Bad chi can take away the good energy and bring in what we do not want. Spaces such as a storage unit needs to be kept cleared and well organized as this can create negative or bad chi. Negative qi can affect money, wealth, and relationships.

Are you working from home? Fengshui your career! Create the perfect working space!

Feng-shui is important on all levels. You need to ensure the room you chose has a purpose. You cannot add your workspace in your kitchen, bedroom or relaxation areas. You need to ensure you have a designated area, that is clear and functional and very organized. This allows flow, clear communication, and success in your business. An office space needs to be created with wall behind the desk, creating a mountain. Let me explain! A mountain i.e., wall behind you is seen as a supportive structure. This allows qi not to escape but support you, if you sit with your back towards a window or door, this will make you feel not supported and often feel yourself through the day drifting away in thought or feeling uninspired.

Room tones such as green or blue is calming, yellow and strong over powering reds can trigger anger and frustration. Paperwork needs to be filed and old paperwork or bills needs to be sorted and stored to ensure the office space is neat and tidy. There should be no boxes or a build up of clutter within the room. This allows qi to move, freely. Also, windows should be clear and clean and soft furnishing such as curtains and carpets needs to be washed and cleaned often to ensure that the energy does not become stuck. The view outside should be inspiring and if not, add images or paintings of nature or beauty. We attract what we see.

Your desk space should be new and inspiring as old, or broken or damaged décor indicates lack and attracts negative chi. It is important to sit at your desk, and to look around you, what do you feel indicates wealth and what do you feel indicates lack To be inspired, view furniture or online ideas to ensure you are updating the area. Plants are an amazing way to bring in wood energy, that grounds qi. Place them close to windows to ensure that good qi enters the room.

Feng-shui is a tool to assist you in every day life. As our home became our work from home space, we need to ensure that this does not affect our normal home environment. Success and love can be blocked off if balance and flow are not created or maintained. Are you worried about your home or work from home space? I can answer all your questions. I have studied Feng-Shui in depth to ensure that in the western world we in, we are able to attract the flow and wealth of love, happiness, success and abundance we deserve.

Charmaine Kotzee

Cosmic Christ Conciousness

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