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Healing your Shadow Self

The Inner Journey of Shadow Work: How to work on your Shadow Self?

What is Shadow Work, how do we define it, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

Deep within our soul, we have a connection to our own being, yet we are never taught the truth, or the reality of what we are as human beings. We are a human spirit and soul living within a physical world. We accept our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, and the physical aspects, it feels tangible and relatable. We live comfortably in this space unless we move through a space of change, that breaks through our comfort zone, our believes and values. Our paradigm controls every part of our being, but what if, we are meant to be so much more. As we have no connection to our whole being, we feel disconnected from the world and from others. This affects our relationship with ourselves and others.

Our Shadow self is often depicted as our dark side, our ego side, our evil side, the inner child, the part we seldom acknowledge. Unfortunately, there is a misconception about the importance of the spiritual side to our shadow self. If we were to be born to be told we are a spiritual energetic being, manifested, to navigate through the physical, and all parts of our being was acknowledged and used in this lifetime, our shadow self would only have been the balance of the opposite.

After doing research in all aspects of the shadow self, I feel the spiritual aspect has been forgotten. Most research only focus on the psychological aspect of shadow work ignoring the spiritual aspect of the shadow self. It is only when we make changes in the spiritual world that true manifestation can take a place in the physical realm. There needs to be a bridge between the spiritual and the physical. A true example from Traditional Chinese Medicine is the theory of Yin and Yang. Change is inevitable but equilibrium of balance is always desired.

Our ego side or inner child are also seen as our shadow self which often overtakes our experiences. This forms our foundation of our childhood which alters our future path. Our ego side becomes our protection, an invisible wall, we proclaim, as truth, as reality. Much like the soul and spirit, our ego and inner child needs to be loved and acknowledged. Healing will help us to find our truth to heal our pain and internal trauma.

Shadow work by Carl Jung

Our Shadow self, based on history and research by famed psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung, indicates the possibility that we have two parts. One we love and acknowledge, and the other part, we do not see or acknowledge. The part we do not like or accept.

We all have two sides, the external part of the way other view us and the image we project. Secondly, we have the internal part that reflects our life in mirroring experiences, situations, and the connection we attract whether they are positive or negative.

What is the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental manifestation of the shadow self?

Spiritual: disconnected, negative, unbalanced, unrooted, fearful, negative projection, trauma.

Physical: internal pain, disease, illness, injury.

Emotional: sadness, grief, fear, worry, anger, hate.

Mental: judgment, resentment, depression, control, manipulation.

Why is Shadow work important?

To heal our Shadow self, we need to honor every part of our being. We need to honor the person we have become, honor the past, the present and the vision we have of ourselves for the future. Every part of our journey brings in growth, learning, acknowledgment of all facets of our being, much like a diamond, we shine so beautifully, and our light can be seen by others.

We are gems, yet we do not always see that we are rare, unique, and perfect in every way. We are taught to look at the imperfection and to down grade ourselves to fit into the vision or view of others. In most cases, our parents and childhood bring among it the foundation of who we are as a human being. We are disconnected from who we are meant to be as we crave the acceptance, love, and acknowledgment from the world around us.

What does the spiritual body have to do with our Shadow Self?

Our spiritual body includes our soul, spirit, and our auric energetic field, which carries our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This includes the memory of childhood and the images we view or receive consciously or subconsciously. When we acknowledge that this part of us exist, we truly connect with the shadow side. This part is rarely acknowledged by us as humans unless we place ourselves or attract a path of spirituality. Contained within spirituality lies our shadow self, our balanced equal of what we see, view and acknowledge.

In this space of acceptance, we can heal our shadow side, by not ignoring or pretending it does not assist but rather to change the energetic field around it. Energy is forever changing; it is us as humans that place a constraint or image with negative emotions that causes blockages which in return manifests in our future path. The shadow side is not separate from you, but part of you, whether you acknowledge it or not.

How to heal the Shadow Self? Also know and Jungian Shadow work.

The shadow self can instantly be healed as energy is never stagnant but forever changing. As humans we need to learn to flow with the energy and to remove the blockages of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions around our memories.

When we flow the energy, we alter the past energy for the future to change. Imagine with this the opportunity given with all the keys to set you free, to help you to be who you are meant to be and to love every part of yourself.

Benefits of Shadow work:

1. We are often looking at others to fulfil us; as we feel incomplete, as we deny a part of ourselves. When we heal, we learn to acknowledge our whole being and learn to love ourselves. You become you and all that you are meant to be.

2. You can change and alter the future. When we work on ourselves and heal and connect to our whole being, we change the timeline and path we follow. We have so much power over our existence but often at crossroads we take another route or path, this inevitably leads to a difficult path. Every action has a reaction, hence why when we make decisions, we need to look at every part of that choice as it affects our whole life.

3. In shadow work, you quickly learn and see how the changes you are making is manifesting in your life very quickly as energy start to flow; you learn that you have altered the future instantly.

4. You attract what you want and not what you do not want. Our focus changes as we learn to see every aspect of ourselves. When we heal, we no longer attract what we do not want. Healing allows us to be free from the past and to choose a new path with a new view.

5. You connect to your soul and spirit and this beautiful being that you are. You finally learn who you are in this world and what your destiny is.

6. You grow your weaknesses into strengths and discover a whole new you.

7. You learn to trust and love yourself.

Can anyone do shadow work?

Anyone, at any time in their life can start with shadow work. Shadow works is very personal, and you can choose to start this journey inwards by yourself or connect with a healer to guide you on your new path of self-discovery. A healer will help you to move through the energy and guide you step by step. It is important however that when you do choose a healer to guide you, that you feel in alignment with the energy of the healer.

As shadow work is so personal and so deep within your core, you need to know you can trust, let go and be yourself which will allow you to accept the healing. It is best to work with someone that will focus on the root of the energy and not just the external part, as this will only cause temporary healing. You need to heal the core, the root and bring in love to heal all. Shadow work is also a great healing tool for children.

Can I do Shadow work for healing and trauma?

Shadow work brings in healing. Trauma stored so deeply, can be released and we learn to let go so that past experiences do not predict our future. The shadow self, once it is open, releases the stagnant energy of the traumatic feelings, images and emotions trapped inside.

Meditation is an excellent tool for shadow work as only when the mind calms down the heart opens, and we can work so much deeper. Mediation bypasses the conscious mind and helps us to be in a safe space to allow healing to manifest. The ego, the shadow self, steps aside and allows the healing. As humans our shadow self is often seen in our fight and flight experiences and when we relax, we allow flow, hence why healing can remove deep seated experiences and trauma.

This is a very rewarding experience, a gift from your soul and spirit, for you to be free, for you to be who you are meant to be in this lifetime.

Charmaine Kotzee

Cosmic Christ Consciousness

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