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Praying the Tabernacle Prayer - Gates of Heaven Prayers

Updated: Feb 1

Have you often felt that you are praying but have become repetitive, stuck with no connection?

I use to think I pray, enough, I use to think my prayers covered enough and I use to think my prayers where sufficient. Studying the Tabernacle Prayer for the last 3 years I quickly realized that my prayer was repetitive with no substance - with no real connection. Why? Because I did not spend time with God. I merely said the same prayer over and over - but realized that I had hours to work on material, to work on things I love but that my prayer time was quick, short and very structured - like a rehearsed role. I new my words but I did not play the part.

The Tabernacle Prayer gave me a whole new perspective of prayer. After praying the Tabernacle Prayer for 2 years, I had a beautiful experience. I saw as I was praying how I was led through the gates of heaven into the heavenly court room where, God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost was sitting and I felt a connection I never felt before. I was in tears and my heart completely opened up. As a very visual and imaginative person, I felt that I was transformed. I have never in prayer felt my heart opening up like this before. Was this a premonition? Was this a revelation - for me it was a gift. A gift I wish to share as I wish I could have known of the Tabernacle Prayer in my early years.

Many People ask: What is the Tabernacle Prayer? The Tabernacle for me is about the word the Lord spoke. "Come to me with worship and Prayer". In the Tabernacle build by Moses we move through various stations before we come to God. We wash ourselves clean - from sin of the body, mind, soul and spirit. We take the body and blood of Christ - Holy Communion, we worship and praise before we come to the Lord. It is about learning to have respect. But what I have learned is that it raises your vibration and frequency. I teaches you to be in alignment and to feel a connection from the heart so deep that it brings you to tears to your eyes. For the last year I have been teaching the Tabernacle Prayer and I have created an online version for you to print out, read or listen and take it with you where ever you go.

Prayer is sacred, however most of us have not been taught how to pray properly. If we come to God in need and we need the help of God we need to come to him not in neediness but in faith. We need to change our vibration, the frequency we send out. Being a Christian and taping into Spirituality, I quickly realized that prayer sends out a frequency, a vibration which in affect returns to us. If you have prayed and felt your prayers are not working, one of the biggest reasons is that the the ripple effect of your underlying fears, worry, stress, grief are returned which is why so many question their faith.

When you Pray from the heart, from a space of love we attract love and all that is in alignment with our purpose and our destiny. Prayer time is a true conversation with God, through the heart.

Let me teach you the Tabernacle Prayer - For those who wish to learn it from me or wish to pray with me. Our online Call line gives you the opportunity. Learn how to pray by accessing the link below or buy the course from us to study or listen on the go. Wipe the slate clean, learn to spend time with God, learn how to create a true connection and relationship with God.

Wish to receive our weekly prayer and worship guidance notes for the week ahead, sign up for our memberships. We will help you build a beautiful staircase to heaven to reach the gates of heaven to enter the Holy of Hollies. Can you do this by yourself yes, but in partnership we keep you accountable, we help you to create an enjoyable habit to which you look forward to each and every day! God Bless and enjoy your relationship with God growing.

Much Blessings and Love

Charmaine Kotzee

Cosmic Christ Consciousness

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