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Concentrated, Focused time with God. Building a relationship with God


We are always there to support you - day and night! We will be there for you!


We give you the best possible guidance  and knowledge! Enjoy how your faith grows.


We love and accept you for who you are! Love is unconditional! Love is God

Pray the Tabernacle Prayer - Gates to Heaven Prayer

Building a True Relationship with God.

Tabernacle Prayer Course

The Ultimate Prayer Course for Attracting What You Want In The Fastest Amount of Time through Prayer!

What if we told you that prayer was one of the biggest secrets of Wealth, Prosperity, Joy and Happiness? By applying a simple Law of Prayer you could attract what you want FASTER than ever before? Why?  Because now you come to God not as the sinner you told you where but

with a clean slate, able to receive all the blessing and abundance you

thought other where blessed with.

How does this effect us?

Prayer is concentrated time - Focused time


What does this mean?

You Come to God but you can receive

Behind the scene we influence the subconsciousness mind and faith in ourselves steps in.The Sub-conscious mind blocks due to habit, believe and programming. Praying the tabernacle prayer reprograms the subconscious.

How in the world do we reprogram:

Decades of formed negative beliefs, Years of feeling resistance, Countless reference experiences affirming what we don't want, And a self-image that has been wired in since childhood?

Through the Tabernacle Prayer?

You are worthy, you are an amazing human being created in the image of GOD. Build a step by step relationship with him, learn to trust again, learn how to have faith again and most of all

Feel it from the HEART( Door way to Heaven)

Order your

Tabernacle Prayer Course E-Book Today

We have taught 1000's of clients how to pray, we have have studied for year to create a Prayer formula which is easy to follow, step -by-step with results. 


Order your Tabernacle Prayer Course E-book + One-One Teaching Session


Only $77.77

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32 Page- Step-by-step E-book

Short Prayers to take were ever you

What will you learn on the Tabernacle Prayer Course?

The Tabernacle Course will teach you:

  • How to Pray the Tabernacle Prayer

  • How to Connect with God through the Tabernacle Prayer pattern

  • How to Pray in a way you have never prayed before

  • How to build a stronger Relationship with God

  • How to build a stronger relationship with the Holy Ghost

  • The respect of God

  • The History of the Tabernacle Prayer

  • The time you spend in prayer

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