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Emotional, Physical, Verbal, Sexual or Addiction Abuse causing long term Trauma.


Create internal balance of the body, mind, soul and spirit. The mind is the trigger.


Our daily emotions are linked to pass experiences. We need to release the past.


Our Programming creates every part of you life, Re-programming creates healing

Unique Formulations for Trauma Healing

1-6 Months Transformational Trauma Healing Program

We treats the root cause not the symptoms.

Come to a place that is save ,loving with no judgment

It is time to heal...

The objective of this program is to assist and to heal internal trauma that has been trapped in the organs by applying a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Energy healing of the chakras and other energy bodies.


We will be working on the main organs affected by trauma. We will also work on an energetic level. It is very important that we also work on the Chakras – The first Chakra is the base which is the area we need to ground. When trauma happens within this chakra the person struggles with grounding and to establish a stable foundation. The second chakra is about relationships, trust and money. This is the chakra which blocks us from trusting and we do build a protection around this chakra with the fear of rejection and being hurt.


The Trauma Healing Program is not just an investment in yourself, but it is designed to heal you on a spiritual, mental & physical level. The 6-month program is designed to cover different treatment modalities for optimal results.  We create a safe space for you where you will only experience love and support through the whole program.


How in the world do we reprogram:

We use a specific program that will alter your psychology and your spiritual mind-set to remove the deeply rooted trauma.  We have mastered a program, through meditation and time line regression to release deep seated trauma trapped from childhood. We are there for you every step of the way. We help you release your past, create a new future by a step by step method to ensure longevity and success. With this process you create a bond and healing to the inner child. Love = healing.

What to expect?

You will receive a full on-2-one online consultation with Charmaine with proper history taking, and through a meditative state we will start the healing. In combination with this, Charmaine will ensure that the formulation created for you are uniquely made just for you according to the organs and the emotions.. Every body is different hence why we do not create generic formulations.


You receive a yin and yang food list to ensure you eat according to your body composition. A 3-week eating plan and an amazing herbal kettle for easy usage. Take it on the go! Support and guidance are provided to ensure we keep you accountable to create new habits and changes. You receive 4 x 90 min session for the month, to work through all the trauma and to ensure you are supported.

What is the Trauma Healing?

Deep within our core, we hide the pain, we hide the truth. We wear our mask just for one more day. The wounds so deep for no one to see. This is the truth, this is the reality.


However,the pain of the past does not define us, but it does affect us in every part of our

lives. We create this yo-yo effect of emotions which becomes addictive and breaking away from them is like breaking away from a loved one.

Time to Let Go- Time to Be YOU


Be one of the Thousands we have supported, transformed and helped to share their light with the world.


Trauma Healing Program

1 month


Only £997.79

Trauma Healing Program

6 month

Only £4999.97


2h Full Consultation

30 Day Trauma Herbal Formula

Yin and Yang Food List

4 Week Food Plan

Herbal Kettle worth £50

Weekly Follow up and Support

4 x 1.5 h Online Sessions per month


Internal Body Program

  1. Consultation & Report 

  2. Fasting and Food 3 Week Program (Yin and Yang Food List)                   

  3. Trauma Healing Herbal Formulation (New Herbs every month when you continue)   

  4. Parasite Cleanse - Detox with Herbs (30 Tables per month - send out when you continue)

  5. Weekly messages and affirmation for each day.

Month 1

  1.  YOU - Meditation Led Energy Healing Session (Month 1) Consultation  

  2.  YOU - Meditation Led Energy Healing Session (Month 1)                -  4 x 90 min energy healing session

Month 2

  1. Meditation Led Energy Healing Session – Family - Relationships

Month 3

  1. Meditation Led Energy Healing Session ) – Establish Yourself

Month 4

  1. Meditation Led Energy Healing Session ) - Manifestation and Law of Love

Month 5

  1. Connection with Soul and Spirit – Release and let go of EGO (Very Important)

Month 6​

  1. Stand in your Power and know who YOU are - Be unstoppable

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